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Gordon's Guide To Bacon
  1. Alex Contreras

    Alex Contreras12 timmar sedan

    Hope he tried the Tacos of TJ

  2. little puzzle

    little puzzle12 timmar sedan

    oooh ramsey!!! that looks delightful!!!

  3. Zen The Vegan Activist

    Zen The Vegan Activist12 timmar sedan

    Honey isn't vegan dumb

  4. My Day My Choice

    My Day My Choice12 timmar sedan


  5. Hrushi Awesome

    Hrushi Awesome12 timmar sedan

    Big dislike for loud and obnoxious woman.

  6. greggonzo2828

    greggonzo282812 timmar sedan

    It's 4/20 and I'm high af watching Gordon Ramsay cooking videos while I'm eating a bowl of Ramen Noodles pretending I'm eating whatever Gordon Ramsay is cooking.

  7. Aries Scar

    Aries Scar12 timmar sedan

    This brings back my passion to cook. I work at a stupid chain owned place where i just seem like a robot n where no one gives a damn about me or how much i do. Tickets are endless, no breaks, no food, just pumping food out constantly with no regard to us cooks nor does it matter how slammed we are. Greedy ass owners have no respect nor thought of keeping moral up in the kitchen. The backbone of the business. No raise in forever and no one cares how swamped we are as long as food goes out, poorly sometimes cuz we are forced to take every single fucking ticket to make a rich bastard even more rich! I hate the food industry but i love to cook n this reminds me of why I love it! I wish all cooking was like at home cooking. My job makes me bitter n miserable

  8. Sunny G

    Sunny G12 timmar sedan

    the dude is sweating and spitting into the wok for extra flavour. the type of guy to order a sichuan dish to tell you it's too oily.

  9. Queen Valery

    Queen Valery12 timmar sedan


  10. 1822138

    182213812 timmar sedan

    Bruh I’m terrified to think what Gordon would think it a complex recipe. Probably have you slaughtering the cow yourself and boiling ocean water to get some salt

  11. AJEET RAWAT 049

    AJEET RAWAT 04912 timmar sedan

    I don't know why he always ruin traditional and classic dishes, and he is always so confident about it evey time 😑

  12. Col

    Col12 timmar sedan

    Bet this lady sings "I have a bad case of diarrhea" often

  13. Psychle

    Psychle12 timmar sedan

    To be honest, that owner looked like BadBoyHalo

  14. Lesmana channel

    Lesmana channel12 timmar sedan

    My brother is a drug addict, we put him to rehab, 7 times, but we never give up on him. 👍👍👍

  15. Sheuly Raha

    Sheuly Raha12 timmar sedan

    Hi .l love you

  16. MePlayzTowerOfHell

    MePlayzTowerOfHell13 timmar sedan


  17. MePlayzTowerOfHell

    MePlayzTowerOfHell13 timmar sedan


  18. MePlayzTowerOfHell

    MePlayzTowerOfHell13 timmar sedan


  19. James Duncan

    James Duncan13 timmar sedan

    Me trynna treat my lonely self after a breakup: "Alright, Gordan! What's tip number 10?"

  20. Henri Cokski

    Henri Cokski13 timmar sedan

    Opening up a vacuum packed Bumble Bee Lemon Pepper tuna to chow as you speak Chef. Keep describing.

  21. John Eisley Tiu

    John Eisley Tiu13 timmar sedan

    Poor Sia, mentally scarred after escaping Beyonce's basement

  22. Zyreen Rabanal

    Zyreen Rabanal13 timmar sedan

    Gordon: I see I must touch

  23. Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay13 timmar sedan

    “Yet so delicious and delicate”. That’s right, i’m a fucking snack.

  24. •.*sxnflower studios*.•

    •.*sxnflower studios*.•13 timmar sedan


  25. Johnny D Cactus

    Johnny D Cactus13 timmar sedan

    the first recipe reminds me of a Brazilian Feijoada, but instead of beans you put in rice. This look amazing ! Thank you !

  26. Iron Sphinx

    Iron Sphinx13 timmar sedan

    I think that this was the most heartwarming save that chef ramsay has ever done

  27. robert jewett

    robert jewett13 timmar sedan

    Definitely Gordon's child. 19:52 - starts chopping onions. 19:57 - 7 onions perfectly chopped waiting for dad.

  28. woozy 619

    woozy 61913 timmar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay you are the God of food

  29. CorporalRegicide

    CorporalRegicide13 timmar sedan

    ngl all the butthurt italians in the comment section fills me with a kind of vindictive joy I can't quite explain

  30. Aarya227

    Aarya22713 timmar sedan

    It's India not combdia

  31. lady4real75

    lady4real7513 timmar sedan

    That's the biggest roast I've ever seen!!

  32. Alex Contreras

    Alex Contreras13 timmar sedan

    I like his take on a bake Huevo Rancheros brilliant (minus the beans Mexicans don't really put beans in their dishes although u can), would like for Gordon Ramsey to make Chile Rellenos and Chilaquiles would like to see his style

  33. Warle G-Man

    Warle G-Man13 timmar sedan

    ana like thiss

  34. John noneya

    John noneya13 timmar sedan

    booted in the baws

  35. MrsSlocombes PuddyCat

    MrsSlocombes PuddyCat13 timmar sedan

    ... Actually totally agree with the owner. I absolutely hate staying in accommodation that allows children. Certainly need more adults-only establishments.

  36. Frank Joshua

    Frank Joshua13 timmar sedan

    Nice video!! very engaging from beginning to end but when it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  37. Aks

    Aks13 timmar sedan

    He always appears to be in a hurry to go to the loo

  38. Pepe the Frog

    Pepe the Frog13 timmar sedan

    I thought the largest crustacean in the world is the Coconut Crab. Or maybe it's just the heaviest. And in terms of length, it would be the Japanese Spider Crab.

  39. vviljo

    vviljo13 timmar sedan

    In parallel universe: a boar hunts down these two guys, cuts out intestines, states that them testicles are a delicacy, skins them and piles different cuts of meat off them to the cooler

  40. HumanoidPumpkin

    HumanoidPumpkin13 timmar sedan

    0:39 he touched fire

  41. Youdontknow who

    Youdontknow who13 timmar sedan

    Ramsay: He has got his priorities upside down. me: He has to sort out his priorities. Potterhead attendance here ;P

  42. Sandy Lee

    Sandy Lee13 timmar sedan

    I heard puffins were going instinct...

  43. Manorama Bara

    Manorama Bara13 timmar sedan

    The measures are not given, so how r we to cook it ourselves??????

  44. Demi Hogue

    Demi Hogue13 timmar sedan

    Come to the Midwest USA.. literally competitions to see who finds the biggest ones in small town bars. Bartenders measure them and date and initial your murel mushroom. Usually have two weeks to compete.

  45. HD Ground Works

    HD Ground Works13 timmar sedan

    If only she could turn back time .......

  46. Joshua jose Navarra

    Joshua jose Navarra13 timmar sedan

    Wow the stake is so soft

  47. Glxwy Nights

    Glxwy Nights13 timmar sedan

    I puke when i eat mushrooms

  48. Rainbro Anderson

    Rainbro Anderson13 timmar sedan

    shit looks bussin

  49. one pay

    one pay13 timmar sedan

    Gr realy having hard times eating a burger huh

  50. Silvia Monz

    Silvia Monz14 timmar sedan

    Salty? What a shame...if we ever answered that to a customer...☠️👹💥🔫🙅

  51. IRIL in the house

    IRIL in the house14 timmar sedan

    Eat rendang without rice* My mom : So you ve chose *death*

  52. Donovan Douglas

    Donovan Douglas14 timmar sedan

    Honestly I respect Ramsey even more for picking up that rat. I'm a middle class kid and I wouldn't touch a random rat. Hes a hundred miillion dollar chef and casually picks it up.

  53. IRIL in the house

    IRIL in the house14 timmar sedan


  54. Big Al

    Big Al14 timmar sedan

    He takes their tips? WTF!!!

  55. siti hanae

    siti hanae14 timmar sedan

    so prime najib got to eat his cook so niceeee

  56. Adam Lopez

    Adam Lopez14 timmar sedan

    if gordon says it's perfectly cooked, it's perfectly cooked if I say it's perfectly cooked, IT'S F***IN RAW!!

  57. Susan Applegate

    Susan Applegate14 timmar sedan

    Lucky me. Wild mushrooms during the season as much as I can stand. Lovely.

  58. Horror

    Horror14 timmar sedan

    Wouldn't spend her money there? She doesn't to begin with given their food quality.

  59. Billy Slime too

    Billy Slime too14 timmar sedan

    Bruh he uses ingredients out of their package and it makes everyone think he uses some type of organic or fresh shit for everything

  60. Prayaag Patel

    Prayaag Patel14 timmar sedan

    Prashad wada to apda Gujarati chhe

  61. Jubel

    Jubel14 timmar sedan

    Gordon Ramsay can die in peace right now because he finally found the Lamb Sauce.

  62. siti hanae

    siti hanae14 timmar sedan

    gahhahah it so cute when he fall when on the back want to save him..

  63. Alondra Brizuela

    Alondra Brizuela14 timmar sedan

    Nothing like salt from Cuyutlán México

  64. Silent Assassin

    Silent Assassin14 timmar sedan

    Vietnamese will give you the freshest and most delicious seafood.... And they shave too.

  65. Soleil Tounsi

    Soleil Tounsi14 timmar sedan

    Nice daughter 👏👏

  66. Kiridenki Ch.

    Kiridenki Ch.14 timmar sedan

    Gordon didn't use lubricant he ysing olive oil

  67. Little Bear

    Little Bear14 timmar sedan

    Spam rules I think you should make a trip to the Spam museum in Minnesota and come up with some more spam dishes

  68. Soleil Tounsi

    Soleil Tounsi14 timmar sedan

    The meat is pink, it still raw. Disgusting🤢

  69. Samitha Fernando

    Samitha Fernando14 timmar sedan

    Noob cameraman

  70. Jacob Roberts

    Jacob Roberts14 timmar sedan

    Literally though

  71. T- Hawk

    T- Hawk14 timmar sedan

    10:23. "Add a couple of tablespoons of cream."

  72. SirDetMist

    SirDetMist14 timmar sedan

    Ita funny how he has a go at that owner for the sherlock holmes thing and putting on a "show" while you hear dramatic music in th3 background the try and make the "show" more dramatic.

  73. Lussiano Duran

    Lussiano Duran14 timmar sedan

    Oh hell nah he drop that chicken on thw floor

  74. Saul Reynoso

    Saul Reynoso14 timmar sedan

    Grrr, they refuse to eat at their own restaurant yet they're ok with charging others to eat there; they have no business owning a restaurant, daddy should have bought them an easy bake oven and called it good.

  75. Tanya Nayan

    Tanya Nayan14 timmar sedan

    The only place where you can have an attempt to murder

  76. Naruto Solorio

    Naruto Solorio14 timmar sedan

    How much do you pay for cooking lesson

  77. siti hanae

    siti hanae14 timmar sedan

    owhh, i miss it...

  78. Gobrus

    Gobrus14 timmar sedan

    6:50 she's has a greater density than a black hole

  79. Graham Olsen

    Graham Olsen15 timmar sedan

    His enthusiasm and passion for cooking always make me want to become a chef

  80. chango's strikefirst

    chango's strikefirst15 timmar sedan

    the way Gordon bounces around, is the way i move when i really have to water those plants man!😉 shiitttt...