50 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One

Here are 50 cooking tips to help you become a better chef!
#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP

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  1. Michelle Callan

    Michelle CallanTimme sedan

    What's 'leftover wine' ?!?

  2. Rikky Fernando

    Rikky Fernando2 timmar sedan

    your editor gives me motion sickness why not try zoom tf out the camera

  3. numchuck180

    numchuck1804 timmar sedan

    This camera work is way too close. Can't see what he's doing half the time.

  4. Leonardo M

    Leonardo M7 timmar sedan

    OIL IN THE WATER FOR PASTA??? WTF????????? The oil just floats on it, becoming useless!!! You wanna add the oil onto the pasta as soon as you strain away the water, AND NOT BEFORE THAT.

  5. Aks

    Aks12 timmar sedan

    He always appears to be in a hurry to go to the loo

  6. alla Biliychuk

    alla Biliychuk15 timmar sedan

    Need to work on video quality, so close up and jumping back and forth just horrible

  7. Shadow

    Shadow15 timmar sedan

    Is Gordon feeling okay? Coz I think he need the bathroom

  8. Chikiru Uchiha

    Chikiru Uchiha17 timmar sedan

    “Lightly Season...” *grabes fistful of salt* ✨🧂✨

  9. Floro Luis Lazo

    Floro Luis Lazo18 timmar sedan

    Cool! I learned a lot of neat tips (minus the angry yelling). Thanks Gordon!

  10. fins59

    fins5919 timmar sedan

    Thank you Gordon, you may go to the loo now.

  11. pieter melkam

    pieter melkam20 timmar sedan

    Leftover wine, wait what?

  12. Patrisha NotPatricia

    Patrisha NotPatricia20 timmar sedan

    If you’re a person who cooks with chili then you know the chili trick already

  13. Jan Zveglic

    Jan Zveglic21 timme sedan


  14. Enkel Trik

    Enkel Trik22 timmar sedan

    The taboo of salting eggs before cooking has been debunked...so has the room temperature dogma, at least for steak.

  15. Alina Smith

    Alina Smith23 timmar sedan

    half of the tips well known from my mother. Ramsey haven't been innovative on them. thanks for reminding them

  16. Caitlyn Ye

    Caitlyn YeDag sedan

    i like how hes the world's best chef and he calls a pot a pan- XD

  17. Koon Troll

    Koon TrollDag sedan

    never put oil in water while cooking pasta it puts a coating on it

  18. Eleanor Pikes

    Eleanor PikesDag sedan

    Why on Earth the camera is constantly moving. What an annoying way of filming.

  19. Lithin Pk

    Lithin PkDag sedan

    I like the rice part! basmathi

  20. Grill Simon

    Grill SimonDag sedan

    You fucking doughnut you aren‘t sharpening you are honing the knive

  21. MEME DOG

    MEME DOGDag sedan

    He surely loves tennis

  22. Kurt H

    Kurt HDag sedan

    Me at 2 am: Watching this video, not hungry at all, and trying to fall asleep. Me 20 minutes later: goes to kitchen. Wife: Wakes up to see what I'm doing. What I think I'm doing: cooking like Gordon Ramsay. What I'm actually doing: making an idiot sandwich...

  23. kyjennifer

    kyjenniferDag sedan

    Gordon Ramsay fidgets like an amphetamine addict or coke head.

  24. Cooking Secrets With Sadaf

    Cooking Secrets With SadafDag sedan

    Sir you can boil potatoes evenly by adding half teaspoon turmeric in boiling water.Potatoes will not left hard from inside.they will evenly boil.try it. I am using that tip for years.

  25. TheSheep Boss

    TheSheep BossDag sedan

    Why was he like Bouncing around the Kitchen XD but I would love to cook with Gordon

  26. vicky reznichenco

    vicky reznichencoDag sedan


  27. Livi Dietrich

    Livi DietrichDag sedan

    So I've either been saying it wrong or the American way (or both) my whole life… (fillet) Me: filAY The King Himself: FILlit

  28. Sarah G.

    Sarah G.Dag sedan

    My dad taught all my siblings and I about sharpening knives and how dangerous it is to use a dull knife .

  29. ladyward99

    ladyward99Dag sedan

    I’m a want a be 👩🏽‍🍳 chef compared to him! 😂

  30. Omary Gerena

    Omary GerenaDag sedan

    Gordon I'm 22 and I can barely cook a decent dinner. I know you going get on me for this one but I try my best and I make my meals with love.

  31. slangoftheregions

    slangoftheregionsDag sedan

    5 ads in a 20 min video. That ad rev man

  32. Hendrik Schokker

    Hendrik SchokkerDag sedan

    Gordon: 'A good cook wastes nothing's Me: Watching Gordon throw food with the speed of sound up the walls in Hell's Kitchen.

  33. Sunsetz Club

    Sunsetz ClubDag sedan

    the onion tip he gave is a life saver

  34. Simp4Speedwagon

    Simp4SpeedwagonDag sedan

    As an European I love that he is using grams instead of ounces :D

  35. Imre Hillekens

    Imre HillekensDag sedan

    How did we almost let him get away with freezing his tuna?!

  36. It’s Ivy

    It’s IvyDag sedan

    Leftover wine? Do normal people have leftover wine?

  37. Antonio Accurso

    Antonio AccursoDag sedan

    Ma dove m...a hai visto fare la pasta?

  38. TheSaiyanKing

    TheSaiyanKing2 dagar sedan

    Why re-upload this?

  39. Lilibeth Cintrón-Riefkohl

    Lilibeth Cintrón-Riefkohl2 dagar sedan

    Bravo!! On the cutting of the onion especially (no waste is the way to go). That level of onion-cutting perfection is simply Not! going to happen for me on this lifetime, a little scary that onion is, but thank you-thank you as always for such wonderful cooking-tips-for-us-non chefs

  40. Highwayman

    Highwayman2 dagar sedan

    I went to grab a pint and let the knife do the work

  41. oliver powell

    oliver powell2 dagar sedan

    the film crew is going to give me a stroke

  42. Paul H

    Paul H2 dagar sedan

    Top tips from a kitchen maestro. Thank you for a great video.

  43. Bubblewhales 45

    Bubblewhales 452 dagar sedan

    14:25 cracked me up he just slapped the salmon back on the table

  44. Jens Spank

    Jens Spank2 dagar sedan

    That oil in the Pasta water is absolute bullshit

  45. Jeon Wonwoo’s leg hair

    Jeon Wonwoo’s leg hair2 dagar sedan

    5:30 me, putting lemon juice on my hands: the cut i didn’t know was on my finger: allow me to introduce myself

  46. Royane E Khalil

    Royane E Khalil2 dagar sedan

    Basmati rice - Pakistani rice

  47. Jemma Cortina

    Jemma Cortina2 dagar sedan

    All this wally does is say “ add seasoning “”

  48. irfan ismail

    irfan ismail2 dagar sedan

    I'm gonna appreciate my wife bcz she's already doing 100 tips.

  49. irfan ismail

    irfan ismail2 dagar sedan

    My wife knows more than him, he's just overreacting. I hope most of the ladies can do better.

  50. Sean Atienza

    Sean Atienza2 dagar sedan

    I am back and I can safely say that I am now capable of dicing onions without blinking.

  51. Than Sophy

    Than Sophy2 dagar sedan

    wow look yummy . My channel is cooking too .

  52. oh

    oh2 dagar sedan

    get a new cameraman for fuck's sake your videos have been unwatchable for years

  53. Shaheel kallingal

    Shaheel kallingal2 dagar sedan

    13:04 Deja Vu anyone?

  54. Xavier Whitefish

    Xavier Whitefish2 dagar sedan

    16:27 close your eyes

  55. ALFABETAS999

    ALFABETAS9992 dagar sedan

    7:39 i know this one! In the rice cooker!

  56. Patrick Twohig

    Patrick Twohig2 dagar sedan

    A sharpening steel is great there, Gordon. But you really need to strop your blades.

  57. Xande

    Xande2 dagar sedan

    You eat and drink at the same time. Dude, fruits are the shit.

  58. Daniel Dunn

    Daniel Dunn2 dagar sedan

    What you didn't add garlic to the pasta after it was drained!!!!

  59. Kuzairy

    Kuzairy2 dagar sedan

    I know all this tips but my food still taste like a shit

  60. Esoteric One

    Esoteric One2 dagar sedan

    A knowledge, sexy, master chef making delicious food. I'm in love💕

  61. Gisela petrus

    Gisela petrus2 dagar sedan

    I've been slicing onions the wrong way 💀💀

  62. Jaap Aap

    Jaap Aap2 dagar sedan

    "leftover wine"... what in the world is that?

  63. Devika Kishore

    Devika Kishore2 dagar sedan

    Just started a new SEtoos channel which would mainly focus on some exquisite cuisines, travelling and educational insights. In need of all your appreciation and support. Let’s exist to co exist 😊

  64. Gloria - Betty Sage

    Gloria - Betty Sage3 dagar sedan

    He always looks like he badly needs toake a piss. 😂😂😂 That being said, great advice

  65. Grant Selby

    Grant Selby3 dagar sedan

    He looks like he's about to fight someone

  66. M. Aratron

    M. Aratron3 dagar sedan

    Ask two cooks how to sharpen a knife with a steel, and you will get two different answers. Alton Brown moves his blade in the opposite direction. Can both be right?

  67. Bliss Creation

    Bliss Creation3 dagar sedan


  68. YourPlantGuyJake

    YourPlantGuyJake3 dagar sedan

    7:54 Weird. But that workz too

  69. TheSoundOfTwang

    TheSoundOfTwang3 dagar sedan

    Stand still you donkey!

  70. Vinu Thomas

    Vinu Thomas3 dagar sedan

    The lemon zesting sample appears to be fake - is this another Bear Grills?

  71. Sarah Hutchinson

    Sarah Hutchinson3 dagar sedan

    "always save left over wine, I freeze it in ice cube trays" Wait so people don't drink their leftover wine from cooking?

  72. Sarah Hutchinson

    Sarah Hutchinson3 dagar sedan

    Like I gotta do some "quality control" in the rest of that bottle

  73. Zach Wistuk

    Zach Wistuk3 dagar sedan

    But he’s not sharpening the knife? That’s a honing steel. That’s used to straighten out the edge of the blade, it won’t do anything to sharpen an actually dull knife but will extend the time between sharpening for damaged blades. To sharpen a knife you actually need to remove metal material - either a knife sharpener (little metal V you run your knife through) or wet stones to actually sharpen it. Come on Ramsey, I know it might be easier to tell people they’re sharpening it, but you’re a world renowned chef who would definitely know the difference between sharpening and honing, why mislead all these fine people?

  74. Mark Boninsegna

    Mark Boninsegna3 dagar sedan

    Never ever put olive oil in your pasta water!

  75. mucks

    mucks3 dagar sedan

    '''NOW' ... new drinking game. 😁

  76. Lily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    That's some wet rice

  77. Lily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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  78. Simon Roper

    Simon Roper3 dagar sedan

    How to keep your knives Sharp. Tell my bloody wife to stop using glass chopping boards

  79. ᗩᑌᗪᖇᗴY.

    ᗩᑌᗪᖇᗴY.3 dagar sedan

    Bruh I thought the screw on the pepper was just for decoration 😭😭

  80. rafi amiri

    rafi amiri3 dagar sedan

    That is not how to cook rice for sure .... I dont what kinda rice would he call that ....

  81. suzi crossley

    suzi crossley3 dagar sedan

    Why does he jump around all the time?

  82. Dutchnesss

    Dutchnesss3 dagar sedan

    Cameraman: sorry chef, I didn't realize I was using 100x zoom the whole time

  83. Brad Carby

    Brad Carby3 dagar sedan

    There must be cocaine involved here. The way he moves freaks me out.

  84. Mr. Z

    Mr. Z3 dagar sedan

    How old is this? I'm sure this a repost.

  85. Rosario Rebola

    Rosario Rebola3 dagar sedan

    Loved the “tips” ..... camera man made me nauseous! .... pity!

  86. Inam Manqina

    Inam Manqina3 dagar sedan

    I love how he gets to the point and doesn't ask us subscribe, like, follow Instagram,Twitter, TikTok, buy his book, watch a documentary, volunteer, join a cult

  87. Chikiru Uchiha

    Chikiru Uchiha17 timmar sedan

    What was that last one? 🤔

  88. NordoCeltic

    NordoCeltic3 dagar sedan

    This is FANTASTIC information from a cooking legend. But holy smokes, take the editor's speed away, the poor chap is cranked to hell and back. Gordon your style is so rapid fire I think we need slow cuts so us slow culinary mortals can keep up.

  89. Shadow 2025

    Shadow 20253 dagar sedan

    I can’t cook but I still enjoy watching all of his videos!

  90. kristi.s

    kristi.s3 dagar sedan

    Most of the tips are superb. Except oil in pasta water, thats a blasphemy. Just stir the boiling pasta regularly.

  91. Luca Dardi

    Luca Dardi3 dagar sedan

    Such horrible editing

  92. TyfoiD75

    TyfoiD753 dagar sedan

    I could watch Gordon use a knife in slow motion for hours :)

  93. The King of Antarctica

    The King of Antarctica4 dagar sedan

    Thank you, Gordon. Very cool.

  94. Parham Abbasi

    Parham Abbasi4 dagar sedan

    chef you are definitely wrong on making cooked rice i leave in iran and we eat rice every day but what you did just wasnt whta we do.i suggest you learn about it.and fpr the fish just freeze it and remove all bones along with spine if you dont necessary want it fresh

  95. Marie S

    Marie S4 dagar sedan

    Thank you Gordon for sharing all your amazing tips!!!! So appreciated and helpful! :-)

  96. Abdul Klappstuhl

    Abdul Klappstuhl4 dagar sedan

    Did he really put oil in his pasta water?

  97. Fisherman

    Fisherman4 dagar sedan

    I like fast tempo cooking. So these are easy remember.

  98. Fisherman

    Fisherman4 dagar sedan

    So this is fresh video upload, so i ask! do oil you cutting board? how you wash it? etc! sanding never ?

  99. VideoDeadGaming

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  100. Newest Recipes

    Newest Recipes4 dagar sedan

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  101. thermitebanana

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